Monday, August 17, 2009


MTV world stage was just simply awesome.. it all started with boys like girls. Their performance good. It was even awesome when hoobastank took the stage. They came and sang a few song.. i liked the part when they sang ghostbusters. The reason was just awesome... all american rejects was just as good as hoobastank.. the last performer was kasabian.. it was horrible... overall the show was superb.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


What are we talking about???? We Tamils make noise that we are not getting equal rights from certain people... We talk a lot about discrimination and equal rights... We complain and sigh about it... Why???? Are we really fighting for equal rights... all i can say u people are just hypocrites. why talk about freedom and rights when in between we Tamils there is no equal rights...

The point here is why make noise when between family members and relatives there is no equal rights... if we can give our own blood n flesh those rights why complain about other people not giving us..

who said no father means you have no rights???? Its not our fault that God love our dad that he has to take him off early...why are these tamilians so low mentality???? its a disgrace to our community... I'm as a Tamil really shameful to know there are Tamils behaving like animals...

i know a gal who has lost her dad... its something really hard to bare with... she is going through a tough time... the last thing she needs is relatives who are bitches.... how could you tell a young gal you can sing Thevaram(devotional songs) in a prayer house.. all she wanted to do is sing for the soul to be peaceful... she had good intentions.. How hurting is it when her own cousins stop her from singing cause you don't have a father... You people are just sick bastards... It would be so hurting to her... pure rubbish.... not only disgrace to our society its also disgrace to our religion... God never taught us this and he never said losing a father means you cant pray... you evil people will never be in peace in future... God is always a silent witnesser and he will know what to do.. Law of Karma..., you people will sure suffer for hurting a poor gal who lost her dad...