Saturday, September 5, 2009


hope is a bright flame in darkest path
hope is happiness in your saddest day
hope is an oasis in the desert
hope is a diamond in a mud
hope is like a feather
once is lifted it only gets higher
higher and higher it gets
more and more happiness and excitements
and suddenly it crushes
happiness flew away
whole world crumbled
and shatters into pieces

Thursday, September 3, 2009


problems problems problems
a dark shadow that blankets our happiness
pain and misery it brings
fractures feeling and hopes
fear is what I'm going through
lost in my own delusions
drown in my own depression
it tears me up inside
love is the only cure
to all this misery
relationship is getting cold
when i just needed you the most
hold my heart
help me through this journey
shower me with your magic love
turn my world all around
be the one who tells me
I'm the only one you need

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

im sorry

life is a journey
for both of us
it has been a rough journey
full of problems we have to face
all i say is i love you
but that same love
has cut you the deepest
drown u in your ocean of tears
I've hurt you without reason
I've scold you without any reason
my cruel heart suspects you for nothing
i didnt mean to hurt you
i promise i wont hurt you anymore
but again and again i made your tears flow once more
your pain makes my heart to think
your tears makes my heart to cry
seeing you crying in pain
makes me cry even more than you
i love you with my heart and soul
forgive me my love
I'm so sorry my love