Sunday, April 26, 2009


Its a game between The Red Devils and Tottenham. The game kick off at 12.30am Malaysian time. Mu was attacking at first.. Chances after chances but without proper finisihing touches.. Lennon inspired Spurs 1st half 2 goals lead... Spurs first genuine on goal and they scored. Lennon powered down from the right and delivering a superb cross to Bent who eventually scored Spurs 1st goal. Within four minutes Lennon swung in another cross and this time Modric scoring the first goal.. The home team was stunt after losing two goals within 5 minutes. MU kept fighting but failed to score in the first half.

In the 2nd half, Teves was called into action. He replaced the under performing Nani. The turning point of the game cam when a controversial penalty decision was awarded to Man Utd. Ronaldo blasted the ball from the penalty spot scoring MU first goal. Teves then setting up the second goal for Rooney. And minutes later Rooney was in action again by crossing the ball for Ronaldo's diving header scoring the third goal. The game was not over yet as this time Ronaldo setting up Rooney's 2nd goal.. Th fifth goal came when Rooney setting up for Berba.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Left one week more before my finals... I have 4 tough subjects to study. I still have zero knowledge for all subjects... without any confidence how am i going to prepare myself to enter the exam hall??? The worst thing is that I'm still not in the mood of studying. That worries me the most... Now I'm struggling for time to study..

time time time,

i had the time,

it flew away just like that,

now its too late,

i cant bring back time,


no time, no time, no time,

that's my constant cry,

sometimes i look at the clock,

i wish i could stop time,

but i cant,

time is ticking fast,

no time to regret,

i have to catch up time,

fully utilized the time i have,

hope its never too late.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It has been a tough week for me. Knowing you are not well and i cant be there constantly with you. We now spend less time together. We hardly hang on the phone. Its been really hard for me to adapt. Ive no idea what you have done to me. I'm missing you like crazy lately.

It has always been you who i first think of when I'm awake.
it has always been you who i last think of before i sleep,
it has always been you who i seek comfort,
it has always been you who constantly running in my mind,
you are always on my mind,
i think about you all day through,
i get excited when i hear my phone rings,
i answer and hear your voice,
it makes my heart sings and smile,
when you are beside me,
my world seems to be perfect,
you throw away all my problems,
melt my heart,
how could you do all this to me???
i hope this love will last forever,
never ending,
Believe me when i tell you,
i love you with all my heart,
that I'm here for you forever and always,
My heart is always belongs to you,
I'm all yours,
Please don't break it,
I love you
I miss you

Monday, April 6, 2009


Every morning as usual i will get a morning call around 6.30am.. Today was just any other day. I got a call slighty earlier around 6.20am. We were talking happily and suddenly she told me she will call me later since she is feeling drousy. So i hang up i went back to sleep.

Around 6.45 i got up and gave her a call. To my suprise a matured malay guy answer my call. I couldnt hear anything besides people screaming for ambulance. I panic, and call back. After awhile her friend call me and told me she found that poor little gal fainted in KL Sentral. I was so worried and call to inform her mum. Few times i call back and she was still unconsious.

Around 10am i get a cal. Thank god i heard her voice. She was fine but in the hospital. Therefore after class my best friend and me rushed to the hospital and visit her. Im glad to see her fine and as cute as she use to be. Its all Gods blessing nothing serious happen. Praying for her quick recovery.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


On 5th April 11pm, MU was playing against Aston Villa. The game was held in the mighty Old trafford. Both teams are currently out of form. Aston Villa just got trashing from Liverpool 5-0 in Villa Park and MU lost two game in a row due to defence error. Both teams are fighting for their form back..

Sharp 11pm the game started. MU took the lead from and in-direct freekick from our superstar C.Ronaldo. MU fans were happy thinking the game is was ours. But late in 1st half, Aston equalise due to MU defends mistake. And half way in 2nd half of the game Aston scored again and its again defends mistake. MU fans were all down thinking history repeating itself. MU takes the lead and end up losing the game.

But the FIFA player of the year proves everyone why is he called the best. A superb goal from him, lifting the hopes of the players and fans. But the defining moment was when this young unknown lad named Fedirico Macheda scored a astonishing marvelous goal with his right leg in injury time. This goal is title defining moment. This goal lifted all MU fans of their sit in estacy. It was his first game for MU and he scored the winning goal.Cheers to him. You are the true devil. You will forever live in our hearts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Fast and Furious 4 has just released in theater today. Me, Vimal and Jerard decided to go for the movie. After our clas at 12pm we joined Garrett and Ooi Yuan for lunch in Jusco Mcd. After our lunch, me Jerard and Vimal took bus to Times Square...

Since our movie is only at 5pm, we decided to play Bowling. We played two game. Both game was superb since i won... lol.... We had great fun out there at the bowling Alley. Poor my buddy Vimal tried very hard to beat me. But i was just on fire today. All that he had to say was the bowling alley was place-ist just because its Ampang Superbowl and I'm from Ampang.. lol.

After the game we went to play Daytona.... As i was the defending Champion they were just pure jealous. they did all their best to make sure i lose. All their dirty tricks were out. Every turning they will knock me down from behind and my poor ca end up flying instead sticking on the road.

Then finally we went for our movie. It was really superb. The movie was just awesome. The graphics was amazing. And man the cars were hot.... really hot i mean.. haha...
Btw i had a great day... Pliz do go and watch this movie in the theater... Its nice.
Bye... that's all for today... Adios

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For the past two nights I've been working hard in preparing myself in this battle. ON Monday night me, my twin brother Jerard, and my roommate Vimal decided to order pizza. We sat and ate together. After eating we all studied our maths first topic which is called LAPLACE TRANSFORM. Vimal is the genius among us, therefore he was actually tutoring me and Jerard. this chapter is freaking tough to understand. On top of this i was suffering food poisoning. Yet due to my determination in mastering this topic, i put aside my problem and proceeding my goal of the day. We end up sleeping at 4am in the morning.

The next day after dinner, Mishan join us in our studying group. We were studying chapter two. as usual my dear friend Vimal was helping all of us in simplifying this complicated topic. We together studying and solve the problems till 5.30am.

Finally the D-Day has come. we did our final preparation together. I was mentally preparing myself for this battle since I'm lack of self-confidence. Finally i entered the examination hall. That long one hour was hell for me. The paper was tough. Its all in God's Hands now. I felt hurt. Why did i do last minute studying. Well i and my housemates learn the hard way. There is no more last minute studying. We gonna work hard from tomorrow onwards.