Monday, March 30, 2009

UNSUNG HEROES PART 2 (solo climb to the highest peak.)

After our heroes Magendren and Mohandas, Ravichandran Tharumalingam decided to take up this incredible challenge of conquering Mount Everest. T. Ravichandran has made an impeccable achievement to become one of the few Malaysians to have reached the summit of the world's highest peak, Mount Everest.

T.Ravichandran decided to climb Mount Everest solo and scale from the side which faces Tibet. This route is the toughest route to the summit.. He was only guided by a Sherpa up to an altitude of 5000m. On 16 May 2006, 4.15pm(Malaysian time) this business man had Malaysia proud by reaching the highest peak in the world.He is the first Malaysian who did a Solo Mount Everest climb. Besides that he is also the first ASEAN climber to scale using the North route which is a tougher journey. He even had to see his fellow friend collapse to death 300meters away from the peak. With his strong determination he manage to achieve his dream. He was climbing Mount Everest in the name of Charity.

I personally believe these T.Ravichandran should be given a special award for their incredible achievements. He has prove the Malaysia Boleh spirit. He has made Malaysia proud.. May his name stay in our Malaysian hearts forever.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

UNSUNG HEROES PART 1 (highest peak in the world)

On the 23th May 1997, two Malaysians, M.MAGENDREN and N.MOHANDAS made Malaysia proud by conquering the world highest peak which is 8848 meters above sea level. They were the FIRST MALAYSIAN TO CONQUER MOUNT EVEREST. It took 42 years since Everest was first conquered by man... 15 years of experience of mount climbing and vigorous training programmes before they are fit to conquer mount Everest.

Many mountaineers had died trying to reach this highest peak in the world. over 150 people had died. the odds are 1 to 6 who died climbing this mountain. Yet these statistics did not stop our heroes. On May 22, 11pm our heroes left camp 4 for their final destination. It took them 13hours to reach the summit.It was -30°C out there with 80km/h cold wind blowing on them. They had to go through steep terrains and the path is littered with dead bodies. At one point our heroes needed to crawl to the peak due to extreme strong wind.

Reaching at the top they proudly planted our Jalur Gemilang and shouted into the wind.

Thank God! Thank God!' was the first thing gushed out from M.Magedren mouth. The sacred mantra Aum Namah Shivaya was in his mind too. Both of them prayed when they reach the summit and celebrated their victory.

I personally believe these great heroes should be given a special award for their incredible achievements. They have prove the Malaysia Boleh spirit. They have made Malaysia proud.. May these names stay in our Malaysian hearts forever.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Earth hour just over half an hour ago..... so what was your contribution???

hmm... well... sharp 8.30pm my house was pitch black.... i was actually surprise that dad asked me to switch off the main power supply.... didn't expect dad to say that... I'm proud to have a dad like him..... well... due to boredness mum n dad slept off in the living room... my sister was text-messaging her friend... my only entertainment was my bamboo flute.... i was just playing my flute in the dark while text messaging my friend.....

I was surprise when i went out of my house i realise most of the houses nearby were dark... and the best part was KUALA LUMPUR city was dark too.... normally at night, from my area we can get a beautiful view of KL with lights... KLCC twin tower, KL tower n dataran merdeka were all without lights... I'm proud of you malaysia.....
before earth hour

during earth hour.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


why is this happening ???? what did i do that you are not talking to me properly???
I'm feeling so down without your presence... i can never find happiness in anyway when you are sad....

i know you are going through hell now.... please give me a chance to be there with you... give me a chance to comfort you.... i know at times i might be adding more problems in your life... i seriously didn't mean it to happen and im really sorry about that.. im dying here... trying my very best to meet up ur expectations...

when you are around i find this unusual comforting feeling... im so dependend on you lately... everything that i do you are always in my mind....every morning when im awake, its you who i find first.. you are the first thing that i think of in the morning and the last before i go into the bliss world... you have always given me this unlimited joy...

im feeling lost today.... i woke up without your call.... i miss your voice and laughter... everyday without fail we are on the phone.... and in this occasion where suddenly there is no phone call from you its so weird... feel like there is a wound in my heart... a deep one... its gona be a gloomy day till i recieve a call from you... i have no idea what should i do... feeling so lost... no mood in anything... i cant find happiness.... im handicap... IM LOST


What do you think of when you hear the word hell??? What is HELL??? hell is where you cant find happiness even at your own home.... when everyone is against you for no reasons.. when your own trusted buddies are back-stabbing you.. false stories are being created just to put you in more misery.

How is like when the friends u trusted the most betrayed u??? not only that, they keep putting u in trouble for no reason... just because this gal that i know is extremely a sweetheart... such a jewel of character... she is just too nice till she trusted people whole heartily... she trusted her friends J, T and D... she spends most of her pre-u time with them... but never once they ever took care of her feelings... yet she shares her personal information with these people... go all out to help them... and now her useless friends whom don't know how to appreciate this angel are setting her up... what wrong did she do to be treated like this???
In hard times like this, family support is very important... but sad to say her own family are against her.... her own cousin is always jealous with her... the fact that they are 15 YEARS OF AGE GAP yet she still can be jealous... what kind of relative is she???? to be jealous with this poor little gal?? she creates all kind of new stories just to hurt this gal... everyday there is a drama in this gals house because of her cousin... the biggest mistake that this gal did, was to introduce her so called 'friends' to her cousin.. and now both of these people are together creating stories and finding ways to hurt her feelings.. there try their level best to make the self created stories to seems true... on top of that this poor gal's mum trust her cousin... her mum's mind is poisoned by her cousin... and now her own mum don't trust her.... why must this gal suffer such faith????

Everytime when she steps foot on her own doorsteps she feels nothing but misery... her heartless cousin is ever waiting to tear her heart apart.. she is always being hurt.... she cant even stand up n fight for herself when she doesn't get any support at home... everyone takes advantages on this since she has no one to fight for her... everynight before sleeping she is in tears....she feels hurt badly... how is when you don't find happiness or security in your own house??? how is it when your own people are against you???

You tell me!!! is she leaving in hell???? For me this is what called hell.... i cant imagine any worst
than this.... i just hope i can be there for her and pray that things would be beautiful for her in future.. she deserve a proper life...

please together pray for this gal's happiness... thx

Monday, March 23, 2009

hi guys...

hi.... im new is this blogging world..... so.. hope u guys enjoy my blog.... i would be writtng about anything.. so keep viewing my blog... thx for ur support