Saturday, June 27, 2009


June 25, 2009 MJ dies at the age of 50.. I mourn the lost of Michael Jackson and for his family. Michael was a great artist, brilliant ant and multi-talented. He is the all time best dancer and a superb entertainer. he is known as the King of Pop( a legend in the music industry)... Its the greatest lost to the music world...

lets pay tribute to our late MJ.... please leave a comment and state your best song from him... thx for your support.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Seraya motivational camp

There was a camp held in SMK Taman Seraya from 20th to 21th of Jun. I was there as a volunteree since it was my former high school and i love doing social work. This camp was only for indian students.

Those two days i learn a lot. it was just simply awesome. Those kids there were just wonderful. these kids just need attention and love to change them to be a better person. There were few boys who touch my heart. One of them were a Sikh boy name Jag. he actually started studying hard coz his mum lost her husband. he taught me the meaning of through to our mums. Another boy name Steven touched my heart a lot. he was a gangster, smokes and drink. in 24 hours he decided to change totally. be a better person. Jivan and the rest too impress me.

Instead it was me as a senior teaching them n guiding them the right part, it was a two way proses. They thought me to appreciate my life and parents. i felt motivated to study too..
Anyway i find so much of happiness in doing social work.

Through seeing people feeling loved and happy brings us unlimited true happiness. Looking forward to help others in future.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


why is all this happening to me
why all this sudden betrayal now
what did i do to you
do i deserve it ?
these are my cries
wondering what actuallly happen
how could someone like you
who i trusted so much
could do this to me
im not sad
not hurt
its not killing me
im happy
ive move on
i wish my lies were true

Monday, June 1, 2009


man of many faces
which one to believe
you came into my life
stole the biggest part of me

sometimes you make me seem
that I'm your world
sometimes you make me seem
that I'm no one to you

which part of you that i should listen too
i don't know how to run away
cause if fallen for you
seem to lost myself in you

when i keep away from you
you come back to me
telling me that you miss me a lot
you've managed to stay in touch
but do you really want to?

i can't take this pain anymore
a broken heart
shattered dreams
how could you do this to me

you have been killing me inside
been crying all night long
you keep me waiting
playing with my weak heart

I guess this is the end
I no longer gonna wait for your answer
my love you cant afford
I know I deserve someone better
This poem is dedicated to my cousin sister who is studying abroad... Listen here sis, i know its tough that u have to see his face everyday and you are all alone there... i know you very well.... i know u have the strength to recover fast... Remember this, those things that do not kill us but instead it makes us stronger... Everything happens for the best. You will definitely find a better guy who suits you very well... Forget about everything and enjoy your life. Don't worry much ya... I'm here for you. I'm not gonna let some guy to hurt you...