Sunday, November 22, 2009

rise n shine camo in semenyir

2days 1night in semenyir camp was just awesome... on the first day, nothing much happen besides two motivational talks... then making those boys to sleep was kinda a challenge. we facilitator slept in a small room. suppose to sleep but ended up we didnt. the gals facilitator were sleeping the next door.. while we boys were cracking jokes in our room suddenly we heard screams from the gals. it was all because a cat entered their room through a window.. lol.. we all had a great laugh seeing the gals asking us to help them.. fan was full blast n the light was on the whole night... too cold till i couldnt sleep...

next morning we woke up n went for jungle trekking. it was too easy for us.. kinda boring short journey.. but the obsticles challenge was freaing awesome... jumping up on a 6ft wall... seeing people knocking into wall instead of jumping on lifting their body on it.. i enjoyed the monkey bar... besides that the best part was the tarzan swing... suresh anne and challenge eache other. he felt into the water twice n i had a clean sheet. we all had a great laugh seeing him in the water.
then i n kavi challenged. but this time they cheated.. those camp participants keep pushing me front n back till i felt into the water.. haiz.. yet i enjoyed it... i loved the debate session between parents and student.. it was really awesome...


  1. haha..kena push into da water..wakaka...n i do love the parents session...haha